Do You Have Passion for Food?

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 Our Company is “All About the Art of Food”.

The most innovative and dynamic team you will find.

I would suggest that a child cannot concentrate well, socially interact well, and learn well, if he or she has not dined well.
I do not believe that we can afford to place our children on the back burner.
Chef Tisdale, Black Diamond Catering
Making food beautiful is how I express who I am. My passion for food has allowed me to live better, laugh louder, and love effortlessly. Food had no limits therefore I have no limits.
Chef Tisdale, Black Diamond Catering
Food must be a part of a chef’s lifestyle. You can never be a great designer of something that you do not have a passion for. I dream about food and what possibilities are ahead with it. Food can be dramatic or very peaceful in design.
Chef Tisdale, Black Diamond
You can have a great experience with healthy food without giving up the excitement and the passion of some of what you love. I want to share my love of healthy eating with you.
Chef Tisdale, Black Diamond Catering




Black Diamond @ PB & Java is  equiped with,  many services that allow our customers to relax and feel confident about the event.  When You choose us as your caterer, we take you step by step, communicating and ensuring your vision is everything you want it to be.

  • One-Stop Catering Service
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Team
  • Creative Menus for Many Occasions!